Eat Your Yard!

Initially formed under the name ‘Food Not Lawns’, Eat Your Yard is a group aimed at making local food on a small, private, homeowner basis more widely available.  Lawns usually require large amounts of fossil fuels and fertilizers to maintain them.  By implementing sustainable gardening practices, which work with nature rather than against it, we can inspire people to plant their own gardens. Turning lawns into a healthy and self- maintaining area where vegetables and fruits are grown allows families to have a healthier, and more local source of food.  This initiative aids the community by introducing and demonstrating various permaculture garden techniques so that they can be implemented at homes and businesses in the area.

We want to help businesses and homeowners have edible food at their doorstep.  Through this people will be able to have fresh edibles in their own yard and without having to worry about how their food was grown or where it came from.  Knowing that your food is coming from your own yard creates a feeling of empowerment and independence.  We are hoping to get both community members and also businesses involved to help spread the idea of small scale, highly efficient gardens in towns. Through different educational events and workshops hosted by the Eat Your Yard Initiative, the community will benefit from the knowledge they have to share and hopefully gain inspiration to start their own gardens.

“To Have A Garden Is To Have A Future”

To Have A Garden Is To Have A Future

We envision a future where having raised gardens is as common as having a swimming pool and where a greater percentage of lawns are converted to edible landscaping.  We envision families eating better also while supporting their local businesses by consuming more foods and products from the local area.  We’re progressing towards a delicious, healthier, and localized community.  With this vision of the future, we plan on holding workshops in order to educate and influence the community.  Projects with similar goals and concepts have been successful across the world by focusing on the localization of food.  This includes the Urban Farming Revolution presented by TedxTalk. 

Becoming more educated about gardening and the environment helps to promote a healthier lifestyle. Whether it’s working in the yard, being more aware of what you eat, or getting your family involved, there are many benefits to what Eat Your Yard has to offer.

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