Time Bank

The Kearsarge Valley Time Bank (KVTB) has been formed to create a fun, dynamic and educational service system within the community.   Since the early 1980’s time bank models have been established throughout the United States.  Today, there are 276 time banks in the United States alone, and can be found in 26 different countries.

A time bank promotes the exchange of services between people in a community without the use of money, instead time is traded.  Time banks focus on bringing people together in a community with different skills to benefit from each other.  As a result, members feel empowered by helping others and learning new skills.

Members can join the KVTB through the host provider, hOurworld.  This is a nonprofit organization that provides free time bank software and serves as a directory of time banks.  Members can join the Kearsarge Valley Time Bank by clicking on the hyperlink.  After joining the KVTB members can create a profile, list their skills, and post requests for services.   Members receive and earn credit in Time Dollars for each hour they spend helping other members.   Time dollars can then be spent on services offered by others.  A new Member will be given 2 free Time Dollars upon sign up to use as they see fit.  Unlike regular currency, Time Dollars aren’t affected by inflation and can be saved without losing value.  Examples of the many services offered from different time banks include, tutoring, baking, plumbing, picking up groceries, yard work, pet sitting, and many more.  The benefits from time banks are endless!

Watch this video on a successful time bank in Central Vermont to learn more, and check out this New York Times article about the benefits of time banks!

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