Introduction to the EDAP

Kearsarge Valley Transition

Energy descent refers to a post-peak oil shift to a reduced energy resilient lifestyle.

An EDAP is the plan that will help identify and enact steps that can be taken to reduce energy usage with the long-term goal being independence from fossil fuels in favor of multiple sources of greener energy. An EDAP is customizable in order to best address the goals and needs of those involved in the creation of this document.

How do you make an EDAP?

  1. Establish a baseline (data collection, what’s happening now?)
  2. Get the local community plan (what do we want?)
  3. Get the overall vision (what would we like to see?)
  4. Detailed Visioning (how will we work our visions into the plan?)
  5.  Backcast in detail (who, what, when, where, how?)
  6. “Transition Tales” (Imagine a story from the envisioned future…)
  7. Pull together backcasts into the overall plan (bring it all together)
  8. Create first draft
  9. Finalize EDAP
  10. Celebrate!   

(Rob Hopkins, 2008)

What Can An EDAP provide for you and the Community?

  • Energy Security/Resilience (freedom from fossil fuels, transition to “green” energy
  • Personal Security (Protection against outside shocks, such as power outages during severe storms)
  • Supplying well thought out, step-by-step goals to create a more energy efficient future
  • Offering progress measurements and focus areas to assist in the transition
  • Long term saving on investment in energy consumption and cost

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