Core Values of the Time Bank

                Time Banks are built on the premise of 5 Core Values.  With help from Lisa Conlan who is the Executive Director of Time Banks RI, the Kearsarge Valley Time bank has given short descriptions of these values to give readers a better understanding of the Time Trading Philosophy.

Everyone is an Asset:

Everyone has skills, services, and knowledge to contribute, and everyone has value.  Time trading re-defines work because there aren’t any work requirements to join.  The young have the opportunities to teach older generations.  Older generations have the opportunities to past down skills, knowledge, and experiences down to the youth.

Redefining Work:

“It isn’t what we do for monetary value, just because we don’t make ‘income’ doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be valued”.  –Lisa Conlan

A member can help and teach others with their own unique skills and talents.  Lisa Conlan explained how society judges’ people based on their income and salary, but what really empowers people is offering our time to others who need help.  There are some things that are beyond monetary value.


When people volunteer they feel it’s a one way street because they only volunteer to help others.  In fact, this is a two way-street because it’s having people learn to receive as well as they give to others.  We can work together to build a strong community, family, and world.  We must learn to volunteer our time while also allowing others to offer their time to help us.

Social Networking:

“As we were helping people we were advocating the Time Bank Principles” – Lisa Conlan

Lisa explained how Time Banking weaves social networks together in order to connect the community.  A social service such as a Time Bank helps areas with a poor economy because it brings people together and social connections are created.  We learn to work alongside each other in order to build a stronger community.  We need each other to network because networks are stronger than individuals.  Promoting these values through our actions help weave a community of support.  A time bank is going to be more successful by having individuals coming together.


“As you start doing this you begin to notice where help is needed and where inequality is”. -Lisa Conlan

Members join the Timebank to volunteer their time to help others.  Every human being matters and deserves respect.  The concept of time banking promotes equality not inequality.  This is where the concept of time dollars is important because it promotes equality with what people offer.  Viewing each other as equals helps build healthy relationships.



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