About Us

Kearsarge Valley Transition Initiative: On Route to Resilience

Here in New Hampshire, where town-meeting local government, Yankee ingenuity and frugality are part of our heritage, finding local solutions to larger societal problems may be in our genes. A question worth asking in these difficult economic times is how can we tap these age-old community values to address new problems such as the ever- increasing cost of energy, the reliance on distant and anonymous suppliers to meet our local needs, and our ability to help one another through times of stress and difficulty.

Kearsarge Valley Transition Initiative is an emerging local network of individuals, families, businesses and organizations that are committed to improving the well-being and resilience of our neighborhoods and communities. Drawing upon the ideas, skills and experiences of our members we seek to develop positive localized solutions to address the regional impacts of larger global issues such as economic insecurity, environmental instabilities, and dependence on non-renewable energy.

The Kearsarge Valley area is blessed with breath-taking natural beauty, deeply enthusiastic people and unique family-owned businesses, and our intent is to leverage the strength of those elements to help foster our shared values such as love, food, family, health, security, engagement and connections throughout the region.

Join our Meetup to learn more about our events:



What does Transition mean to the students at Colby-Sawyer College?


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